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LiveFACE Portfolio Web Design

Feb, 16, 2017

The product is currently using on this website. This WordPress theme is open sources on Github.



This is a university coursework for Creative Industries Project Management. This project is creating a portfolio website use WordPress for a client. The main work of this project is to build a front-end WordPress theme and deploy to service with the domain name. I want to update my own website as well.


Build a front-end web interface base on WordPress.

Define Problems:

  • Client require the website present art content including computer animation, film, 3D model, 2D graphic design and project detail information.
  • Friendly user experience in content management system for the client.
  • Content page should contain clients other social network and easy to share.
  • Cool and simple, content is all that important.


  • Artwork image base front page.
  • Built on WordPress with friendly content management system.
  • Clear and easy layout in content page which you see here.
  • Simple but with animation and video, so it’s not boring.

Design Concept:

  • Content Centric

Technical Detail:

  • Font-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Back-end and data API: php
  • Database: MySQL
  • Design Tools: Adobe Photoshop

Team Detail:

my own



Client Final PC Screen Recode:


Demo PC Screen Recode (Youtube):




Project Detail From Section 1-10 项目细节:


This is an open source WordPress theme 开源地址:


How to install this theme to you own WordPress site 如何安装:


Download as ZIP file from Github 下载zip文件,并遵循以下教程

Following this tutorial: How to manually Install or Update a WordPress theme