JIANFENG's Portfolio – 健锋的作品集 - PO. Local Helper WeChat MiniApp Project 朴茅生活助手 微信小程序项目

PO. Local Helper WeChat MiniApp Project 朴茅生活助手 微信小程序项目


I am the president of the Chinese student society of University of Portsmouth. I need a product to enhance the organization reputation. We also need to make sure that we can reach every Chinese student when holding events.


Build a application as a platform that useful to the Chinese student which do not require frequently maintain.

Define Problem:

  • Chinese student need local life information.
  • Chinese student are rely on WeChat as there social network access.
  • Chinese student could need an events platform for gather people for party or travel.


  • Built a mobile application offering information, events platform.
  • Built on WeChat social network platform which Chinese student were easily access to reduce the acquisition cost and keep user retention.
  • Built membership system for gather user personal information to do the further business expansion.

Design Concept:

  • Content Centric with no visual interference.
  • Big size texture and clear visual design all for presenting data only.
  • Reduce page navigate, all action could completed in 3 page.

Technical Detail:

  • Font-end: WeChat Official API, JavaScript ES5
  • Back-end and data API: php
  • Database: MySQL
  • Design Tools: Sketch

Team Detail:

my own


Try (use WeChat scan this QRcode):


UX Design:




Background content management system:

Front page

Information detail management page