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Mar, 7, 2018

Web Front-end UX Design and Development Coursework 2018 前端UED设计及样式开发作业


3D Data Visualization for University Library on Web 前端技术图书馆3D数据可视化



PO. City Local Helper WeChat MiniApp Project

A mobile App(running in WeChat miniapp platform) project design and development by myself, to help the Chinese student live in the city Portsmouth, UK. The App project including App front-end, API, database back-end and admin management website.


Uni Bus Mobile App Project UPBUS 校巴应用程序项目 2016-2017


This is a University Work for Introduction Mobile Application unit coursework Project presentation. This project had included: product design, user research, UX design, UI design, Icon design, animation effect design, front-end website engineering, idea and design documentation, user experience and design documentation, application operation tutorial and programmer running explanation. The application is a front-end webApp building by Adobe PhoneGap, which means that the software itself is a website but only been packaged as a mobile application running by UIwebview (or webview in Android).


Data Manipulation and Presentation Coursework Design 2017 

This is the University coursework for Data Manipulation and Presentation aims to accomplish an interactive poster for present some data. This is an earlier stage explanation and design work of the data set and topic. The topic is about OVERWATCH GAME HERO STATISTIC.

CourseWork Time: 2nd year 大二(2/3)2017

Job in the team: Product Manager, Web Designer, Web developer 产品经理,界面设计师,开发者


LiveFACE Portfolio Web Design

This is a university coursework for Creative Industries Project Management. This project is creating a portfolio website use WordPress for a client. The main work of this project is to build a front-end WordPress theme and deploy to service with the domain name. I want to update my own website as well.


Web Front-end User Experience Design and Development Coursework 2017前端UED设计及样式开发作业

This is a University coursework to design a steaming web product including product design,  competing product analysis, UI/UX design and front-end development. The result is a demo product for a streaming video website names “Well Played”.