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Mar, 3, 2018

[StartUp Project] LiveFACE Project 创业项目


LiveFACE Project is an start-up project with bussiness purpose found by me started on Feb.2013 and end on Dec.2015 when I was in senior hight school. Our goal is to build a Internet services ecosystem in Android platform like XIAOMI. During the project, we build a Android base third-party operation system (ROM), We buiild a Android Launcher application, a technology blog website and online BBS forum for our user.

LiveFACE (中文名:动次)项目是一个由我发起的,有着商业目的,幼稚的创业项目,存在于2013-2015年,我个人的高中时期。我们的目标是建设一个像小米公司一样,基于Android的互联网生态平台。在这个非正式的创业计划当中,我们打造了一个Android第三方ROM,开发了一个Android第三方Launcher启动器(桌面美化)应用。一个科技博客网站,和用户技术社区。


Pucun-Takeaway Project 朴村外卖 – O2O电子商务网站项目


Pucun-Takeaway is a O2O bussiness website what I developed during the PHP programming language learning process. Personally thinking, this is the first Chinese takeaway online platform in the Great Britain.  From now, I do the Design, Develop and Running by my own (there is a other team number in charge of bussiness). Since the website published, it has 90 registered users and 40 orders, work with 6 commercial. (Data collected in 05.18.2016)