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Mar, 5, 2018

Project TroVio – new portfolio introduce video project 新作品集首页视频项目

Project TroVio is a video-making project for my new online portfolio 2.0. In this project, I am trying to use a new style that using face paced animation combine with pop music to present a short brief introduction for my artwork in portfolio 2.0.

Project TroVio 是一个视频项目,展示我个人在我的个人作品集网站2.0发布的作品。这是我第一次尝试用快节奏的动画和流行音乐设计视频动效。


Chinese Student Society(CSSA) Single Party Music Medley Music 2016 中国学联单身趴音乐串烧


It’s my first time to edit music for a single party. Very appreciate all your comment 第一次为单身派对剪串烧。