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Interaction · 交互

Mar, 7, 2018

Tencent Intractable 3D Medical Product

OutOut App Project Brand Guildline and UX design 夜生活APP产品 品牌文档和交互设计


3D Data Visualization for University Library on Web 前端技术图书馆3D数据可视化


PO. Local Helper WeChat MiniApp Project 朴茅生活助手 微信小程序项目


Web Front-end UX Design and Development Coursework 2018 前端UED设计及样式开发作业


Music Streaming Products non-invasive Sync Playlist UX design  音乐产品非侵入式导入歌单设计

Non-invasive Playlist Sync Between Music Streaming Apps by using Screenshot+OCR technique.