JIANFENG's Portfolio – 健锋的作品集 - OutOut Mobile App Project 夜生活APP产品

OutOut Mobile App Project 夜生活APP产品

This is an University coursework which connect to industry clients to finish a real project. The product aim to deliver need to know information for an unbeatable night out experience, including the functions of display nearby events, planning night out venues and social ability. I am in charge of brand design, UX design and Android application development. I have learned Android App development and complete 90% of the application programming (Front-end and back-end).

CourseWork Date: 3rd year 

Job in the team: UX designer, visual designer

Project Aim:

  • To develop the Out Out app that delivers need to know information for an unbeatable night out.
  • Regarding client information and market research, the team will need to construct a full end to end analysis of the Out Out experience.


  • Identify existing market competitors and target audience.
  • Develop location intelligence to build meaningful user experiences and potential business/advertising solutions.
  • Integration with existing channels and user touch points.


Demo Video:

Demo Product APK (unsigned):

(Require Google Services Package Installed and Android 5.0+)


Sources Code:


Technical Detail:

Building Tools: Android Studio

Language: Java

API: built by php+mysql


Brand Guideline 品牌文档


Design Tools: Adobe illustrator & Adobe Photoshop

UX Design 交互设计

Design Tools: Sketch & Adobe Photoshop