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Feb, 7, 2018

President in Chinese Students and Scholars Association – Portmouth, UK

Team: Chinese Students and Scholars Association – Portmouth, UK

Role: President of Chinese student society(CSSA) in Univeristy of Portsmouth

The Role as President: Decision making, lead the team, coordination, communicate with business sponsor, goverment and education institutes.

Introduction: CSSA Portsmouth is a society built for server the Chinese oversea student in the UK, the association help student including provide life related information, holding events and help student who in diffcult conditions. During my tenure, the aim of the society is to build a platform for Chinese oversea student live well, study well and have fun in the Portsmouth city. CSSA work with University, China Embassy, HKSoc. and all our sponsor including China Mobile, Alipay ETC.

Main Performance in 2017-2018: 

  • Work with international office
  • Work with other society in the University Union
  • Take part in Asian SportFest
  • Hold Halloween Party and cancel the Single Party
  • Hold Chinese New Year Gala which is the biggest new year gala outside London area.
  • WeChat account cover over 70% of Chinese oversea students
  • WeChat miniapp cover 95% of Chiense oversea students
  • All events gain positive feedback



Chinese New Year Gala

Including culture workshop and preformance. Near 1000 audience, the city mayor and vice-challenge of the University, the leadership in the local goverment present and enjoy 24 shows. 8 sponsors including China Mobile, funded this event.