JIANFENG's Portfolio – 健锋的作品集 - Top: Tencent Intractable 3D Medical Product

Top: Tencent Intractable 3D Medical Product

An exploration project in Tencent (2018) which is a 3D medical interactive film, aim to delivery the biological knowledge and the mechanism of the medicine. The product is running on a gaming PC and audiences can visit a website or scan a QRCode to control the product view remotely. The control end can control multiple devices.


In the team, I’ve been working on designing the 2D interface, data admin page and the remote control panel. I am the UX designer, also the front-end developer. The design process is challenging, the product is explorational and unique. It’s my first time design and coding the remote control panel to control a big screen. I’ve learned to use the web socket deploy in a remote server to communicate between an webpage with the game engine. The project was been successfully demonstrate to approximately ten thousands people in the company public exhibition: Tencent T-day.


Demo to the public


Myself doing testing


Cloud Pixel Streaming from the server to my phone

(Don’t try that IP address, it’s only accessible from company internal network )



Admin Page Design: