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Pucun-Takeaway Project 朴村外卖 – 个人电子商务网站项目

May, 18, 2016

Pucun-Takeaway Project 朴村外卖项目介绍

Pucun-Takeaway is a O2O bussiness website what I developed during the PHP programming language learning process. Personally thinking, this is the first Chinese takeaway online platform in the Great Britain.  From now, I do the Design, Develop and Running by my own (there is a other team number in charge of bussiness). Since the website published, it has 90 registered users and 40 orders, work with 6 commercial. (Data collected in 05.18.2016)





  • Purpose: a web-application for order Chinese takeaway Online in Portsmouth, UK
  • Target Group: Chinese oversea student in University of Portsmouth.
  • Marketing strategy: Use social media platform provide life information in Portsmouth city, targeting the fresher Chiense oversea student who just come to University of Portsmouth. By provide the information, convert them into our follower in social media account. Use social media platfrom to promote the takeaway service, close the system lifecycle.
  • 开发目的:英国普次茅斯地区在线叫中餐外卖
  • 目标用户:普次茅斯大学中国留学生
  • 市场策略:使用微信社交媒体平台,设定新生为主要目标,提供英国城市朴茨茅斯吃喝玩乐信息。利用平台粉丝,推广外卖服务变现,完成服务闭环。
  • Front-End 前端程序语言:HTML, CSS, JavaSctipt (Jquery)
  • Back-End 后端程序语言:PHP(Not OO Design 非面向对象设计)

Website Function:

— Full User account System including different user type, user information details, register function, login function.

— User information details and password can be modify by user after verify the old password.

—  The order center show all order relevant to user the order operate depend on different user type.

— User can search and add item to shopping cart.


— Store side can modify menu including names, details, prices and upload the picture.

— The User order flow: Select item from menu to shopping cart -> Confirm order (Insert to database, Send Email to user) -> Wating for restrants confirmation -> Confirm item received -> Give a mark for the service.

— The Store Side order flow: Get Email / SMS in Phone -> Login to Order Center -> Click Confirm order -> Click order has been send -> Wating for user confirmation.

–Store can set discount in the web management page.

— Store can set close and open status in management page.


— Support Email (Services support) / SMS (Third party interface) notification.

— Mobile Device Compatibility (Responsive Design) (Test Device: Samsang S7, Oneplus One, iPhone4,5,6,6plus,6s,6splus, iPad)

— SSL encryption, SQL inject preventive premunition

— Website running on Linux services by nginx enviorment opreated by PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, connected to MySQL database.

— 用户系统,包含用户注册,用户信息收集,注册和登陆

— 用户信息和密码可以在验证原密码后修改

— 订单中心显示所有用户相关的订单,按时间排序。订单操作按照不同用户类型显示

— 用户可以搜索菜单,添加商品到购物车

— 商家可以修改菜单中商品的名字,详情,价钱和上传图片

–用户下单流程:选择商品加入购物车 -》点击确认下单(写入数据库,发送邮件和短信通知) -》 等待商家确认 -》 点击订单送达 -》评分

— 商家接受流程:接到邮件或短信通知 -》 登陆订单中心 -》 点击确认订单 -》 点击订单送出 -》等待用户确认送达。

— 店家可以在店铺管理页面中设置折扣

— 店家可以设置店铺开业关门状态


— 支持邮件和短信提醒

— 移动设备无缝支持,响应式设计(测试设备Samsang S7, Oneplus One, iPhone4,5,6,6plus,6s,6splus, iPad)

— SSL加密(HTTPS),SQL注入攻击预防措施

— 网站运行在Linux服务器,nginx环境搭建,前后端使用PHP,HTML,CSS和JavaSctipt编写。连接mySQL数据库


Index Page (Select restaurant)


Store Menu Page (Shopping Cart)


User Order Center (Personal Order Center)


Store side order center


Mobile Device Compatibility (Responsive Design)


Markting Design Material 运营设计资料